To provide clients with excellent design and engineering solutions along with the highest quality customer experience, to assist them in the development and redevelopment of their communities.
To create efficient internal operations in order to create financial support for social justice causes.



noun  |  in·teg·ri·ty  |  \ in-ˈte-grə-tē \

1.  principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

At Studio 8.18 we practice integrity  by keeping our word, being transparent  with our work, making an effort to get it right the first time, working hard, being honest in all of our communication and design, providing a quality product and holding ourselves accountable to these standards.


verb  |  con·struct  |  \ kən-ˈstrəkt \

1.  to build or form by putting  together  parts; frame;  devise.

At Studio 8.18 our job is to design structures that are constructible.  We want to be creative and innovative, showing flexibility by offering solutions that fit working conditions and be willing to problem solve. There is often more than one way to design a structure; our goal is to find the most simple and most economical solution possible.


noun  |  re·la·tion·ship  |  \ ri-ˈlā-shən-ˌship \

1.   a connection, association, or involvement.

At Studio 8.18 Engineering the project team is more than income. We strive to know the project intimately and to be available to them for questions and information. A quality product keeps the team satisfied. The personal touch keeps them coming back.


noun  |  ful·fill·ment  |  \ fu̇(l)-ˈfil-mənt also fə(l)- \

1.  satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing  one’s abilities or character.  2.  the achievement of something  desired, promised, or predicted

At Studio 8.18 Engineering we strive to foster a culture of fulfillment. We recognize that who we are and how we perform are closely tied to family and faith.  We support advancement and personal development in our home lives and at work.


We are in the process of building and fostering a culture of positive accountability.  Accountability is “Starring in the Solution”!  Each person in the organization is and must be a part of the solution.  We desire that each person in the company have the satisfaction of knowing that they can and will be able to move forward and get results in their work.  We focus on what we CAN do to get those results.  We do this together as a team!



As new challenges arise we will relentlessly obtain the perspectives of others, communicate openly and candidly, ask for and offer feedback, and hear the hard things that allow us to see reality.



This means being personally invested, learning from both successes and failures, aligning our work with desired company results and acting on the feedback that we receive.



This requires persistent effort as we encounter challenges. We constantly ask the question ``What else can I do?`` to achieve results, overcome obstacles and make progress. We will be creative and take necessary risks to achieve our goals.



Once you See It, Own It, Solve It then you must get out there and DO It! This means doing what you say you willl do, focusing on top priorities, staying Above the Line and not blaming others and sustaining an environment of trust.