Justice61 aids in the rescue and restoration of children ages 13-23 caught in sex trafficking within the United States.

They are passed by daily, the children on the side of the road trading their bodies for dollar bills.  They are in schools, in houses, downtown, in the suburbs and hiding in plain sight. Kept captive by tracking devices, branding and tattoos, mental conditioning and fear.  They are minors, they are owned, and they are being sold as sex toys. This happens here in the United States. Not just “over there”. It is a business. There is a hierarchy.  It is logical though depraved. Drugs can only be sold once and then consumed and then more must be made. A child can be sold over and over and over again, multiple times per day and every day of the year for years.  Only in the last couple of years has this problem begun to be addressed in Colorado as the first conviction of sex trafficking in the state came in 2015.

Justice61 has been assisting girls stuck in sex trafficking in Colorado for over a decade and Studio 8.18 Engineering has partnered with Justice61 financially and by becoming a Place of Justice.

By identifying Studio 8.18 Engineering as a Justice Rebel, we acknowledge that sex trafficking occurs daily in the United States, the land of the free and the home of the brave.


A Justice Rebel wars for the rights of the defenseless, for children ravaged daily, used and defiled.  We are Warriors, standing strong with fire coursing through our veins. We take on the battle strategically, as Rebels, but with honor.  If injustice stands, we move it. We will not be denied. Neither their bodies, nor their stories, are for sale. The children choose. We proceed as if success is inevitable.  Failure is not our destiny nor the destiny of those we protect. Justice Rebels persist. Justice Rebels succeed. Be a REBEL.


By identifying Studio 8.18 Engineering as a Justice Rebel, we acknowledge that sex trafficking occurs daily in the United States, the land of the free and the home of the brave.


  • Justice61 is a Non-Profit Organization that has been providing aftercare to high risk children rescued from sex trafficking in the United States since 2004.
  • The children that Justice61 cares for are brought to them by the FBI, Homeland Security and local law enforcement.
  • These children are NOT lost forever. Justice61 makes life after sex slavery possible for so many children.
  • The vast majority of funds raised on behalf of Justice61 goes to client care, such as the medical, therapeutic, legal, educational, security and personal needs of the children that are entrusted into their care.
Be a REBEL, take part in helping Justice61 acquire property and facilities to house and care for children rescued from sex trafficking.

Currently Justice61 kids are cared for via out patient services. Following the acquisition of facilities Justice61 becomes eligible for Medicaid reimbursement and eligible to receive a victim’s assistance stipend from states to help with living expenses and costs of care.  This provides Justice61 with financial and operational stability while we focus on caring for these children. It is also key in reaching the goal of Justice61 becoming a self-sustaining non-profit organization.


Studio 8.18 Engineering also supports the work of the International Justice Mission.  The International Justice Mission is a global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world.  Their global team includes more than 750 lawyers, investigators, social workers, community actiists and other professionals at work through 17 field offices.


  • Rescuing victims: Getting them out of the place that they are in danger,
  • Bringing criminals to justice: holding slave-owners, traffickers, rapists and criminals accountable in court
  • Restoring survivors: Giving them the support and tools that they need to heal and thrive
  • Strengthening justice systems: Stop violence before it starts by helping strengthen the local justice system


Worship and the Word Movement is a missionary and movement incubator.   They help people accomplish the dreams by establishing spiritual foundation, organizational structure, relational connections, and the resources needed to obtain their goals.


Studio 8.18 Engineering supports the work of Mary Jean Powers through her organization Get The Word Out.  Mary Jean is a passionate teacher and musician who is dedicated to helping people to learn to hear God’s voice through His word.  Her work has taken her to 35 countries around the world and she has impacted thousands of people through her classes and intensives.