April 2016, “LightningChart performs extremely well and real-time charts, heatmaps and 3D surfaces are the most advanced in the industry, IMO.”, S_Steph, Review from Visual Studio Marketplace Polar view also has versatile zooming and panning features. I recommend them, its a great product.”, greggorob64, Review from Visual Studio Marketplace At Yahoo Finance, you get free stock quotes, up-to-date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interaction and mortgage rates that help you manage your financial life. It allows to visualize and analyses data in a more intuitive way.”, By Zhao Qichao, the CEO of KingFar International Inc As a number 1 providers of WPF charts and Winforms charts, we constantly strive for the highest performance indicators in the industry. The waveform components can be set with a built-in user interface or by code. speakers) through DirectSound. The maps are visualized in ViewXY, and allows combining e.g. The maps use equirectangular projection. Patrick Miller, Principal Systems Engineer at Cardialen, Inc. Michael Hammann, Software Engineering Lead at Blue Sages, Inc. By Shengsong Liang, Software engineer in Shanghai Tieda Telecom Polytron Technologies co., Ltd Volumetric information plays an essential role in medicine, e.g. LightningChart includes a wide range of 2D, advanced 3D, Polar, Smith, 3D pies / donuts, Geographic maps & G.I.S. Ext.Net.ChartCaptions Class Reference. OS: 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Vista or later, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later. September 2017, “My project was looking to retire our ‘in house’ graphing package, and look for a 3rd party product to use instead. Converts data between time domain and frequency domain using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm in Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Find out what our customers have said about LightningChart’s exquisite performance and functionality as well as its comprehensive support. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Good support is essential when buying a third party component, and the support given by Arction has really been outstanding. When I was still evaluating LC, I found out that it didn’t get stuck at all even when reading such huge amount of data. All the other charts evaluated use CPU for rendering, which performance can’t compete with GPU accelerated LightningChart and meet the complex business requirements…”, By Mr. Duan, Senior Engineer at Kunyi Electronics Technology (Shanghai) co., Ltd We introduced a new, high performance, touch-optimized charts package in Sencha Touch 2.1. Community License, If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! EXT.NET is a premium ASP.NET component framework powered by Sencha Ext JS. * sweeping mode as built-in, no other charting provider has this. The Gantt chart has lots of features built-in, such as task editor, configurable tooltips, resource assignment editor and many more showcased in the example browser.If you want to know technical details about all the features, you can always find them described in the documentation.. View all features Ext.NET has 21 repositories available. LightningChart was exactly what I needed. Allows real-time data stream playback via sound card line-out (using e.g. The data can be fetched from SignalGenerator, SignalReader, AudioInput or other data source. Building great looking and blazing fast web apps with ASP.NET Core technology and Ext JS just got easier! Built with Ext.NET MVC Examples v1 Examples v3 Examples v4 Examples Home v1 Examples v3 Examples v4 Examples Home DirectEvents. The Ext.NET Charting Components now include the new 3D Bar Chart. Compared to other charting components, LightningChart shows significant advantages when presenting a huge amount of data. Learn our prices here. I’ve been developing with them for two years now, and they have a great support forum, and address emails immediately. It’s extremely fast, but also robust, very flexible and highly customizable. August 2018, “A few years ago, we developed our own chart control for our NVH project because we couldn’t find a suitable chart library on the market. It is a Cartesian Chart. 3D charts for WPF and Winforms. November 2018, “We utilize WPF as our UI framework to improve the developers’ efficiency. Static distance and zoom adapting ticks and grid. Allows automatic generation of ticks and grid when zooming for better understanding of values, without cluttering the display. You can show data also on outside of the graph. Copy link Quote reply Contributor fabriciomurta commented Jan 25, 2017. Chart with Multiple Axes and VerticalMarker. Ext.NET is an ASP.NET 5 and Core component framework. TradingChart comes with a compact interface of properties and methods to build trading applications, without the API overhead that comes from complex engineering applications. “We’ve been using the WPF version of LightningChart for several years now, and we have never regretted this choice. Resources You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Lightweight requests between the … The charting library contains over 100 interactive charts with rich functionality that is suitable for creation of applications within the most demanding industries: science and research, engineering, economics and finance, trading, medicine, energy, space and defense. We use it to visualize sound and vibration data in both 2D and 3D. GPU acceleration is brilliant! The chart control is packed with features. Series types: sampled data (discrete signal), line, scatter points, point-line, freeform point-line, areas, high-low, polygon, stock (OHLC, candle-stick), bar, band, constant line, intensity grid, intensity mesh, Real-time monitoring scrolling modes: scrolling, sweeping*, stepping, oscilloscope style level triggered, Heatmaps with contours, wireframe, contour labels, Stencil for rendering intensity series inside polygon, map region, Linear and logarithmic axes, X axis scale breaks, Several configurable vertical segments in chart, layered / stacked, Dozens of properties to control zooming and panning behavior, Data fetching from web server, or supplying it by code, or reading it from CSV file, Chart types selection: mountain, line, candle-sticks, bars, Technical indicators, such as SMA, EMA, WMA, Bollinger band, RSI, MACD, Drawing tools, such as Trend line, Linear regression channel, Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci arcs, Fibonacci fan, Freehand annotation, Series types: surface mesh, surface grid, waterfall, polygon, rectangle planes, mesh models, line, point-line, scatter points, bar and pie charts, 3D scene settings with multiple light sources, Gigantic surface sizes of over 4096x4096, depending on available memory, Includes ViewPie3D, to visualize pie and donut charts in 3D, On-line tile maps: supports street maps and satellite imagery, Dozens of maps: World, continents, specific areas, Multi-layer: land, lakes, rivers, roads, cities etc, Combining other XY series in the visualization, Axis scales presented in selectable geographic coordinates formatting, Series types: line, scatter points, point-line, areas, Line colorization per amplitude, angle or data point value, Several polar axes per chart with unique rotation angles. It has been actively developed since 2009. 4.x defect extjs-test-pending. Column Chart Sample. November 2013, “Although I am very hesitant to give our competitors a chance to use this powerful weapon, I am writing this positive review since I am deeply impressed by their professionalism. For best performance in WPF and multithreading benefits, select Non-Bindable chart. Pie Chart Example. As a general starting point, Arction recommends Semi-bindable API. ” “I personally recommend LightningChart Ultimate for any data intensive application where no compromise in speed is the critical factor.”, Stefano Toniolo, Review from Visual Studio Marketplace As with all Ext.NET Components, the VerticalMarker Plugin is also fully supported in C# and ASP.NET MVC Razor. June 2017, “We are SOOO impressive on LC as it is really a product that greatly handles MASSIVE data in our real-time application. Specitying in Ext.NET an Ext.Net.TimeAxis's Step config does not affect chart output at all. This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. The Trader library is built over fast & robust LightningChart .NET API, and the Trader library source code* is provided free-of-charge, for all subscribers. Launch your web app to the next level with 140+ UI components, new Spotless theme, … Toggle Donut button will dynamically change the chart between a Donut and Pie chart. The data point position is determined by angular value and amplitude. The fastest and most advanced UWP charts for engineering, medicine, science, telecommunications, FinTech, electronics, vibration analysis, industrial automation, telemetry, defence technologies – all industries.. LightningChart v.10.0 version brings TradingChart control for WinForms applications. Visualize your complex and huge data sets, with our optimized series types, shared X axes, built-in real-time scrolling modes and industry leading configuration options. Easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, trading charts with basic Technical Indicators and Drawing Tools. Ext Charts Upgrade Guide. We provide the highest quality chart control and constantly strive to make it accessible for our customers. Using charts is a great way to present data in a visual way. * Note: LightningChart .NET API Source code itself is available as paid option to subscription. Reload data will randomly generate a new set of data in the store. Resources Web Forms Examples (v4) MVC Examples (v4) Web Forms Examples (v3) MVC Examples (v3) Web Forms Examples (v2) MVC Examples (v2) Web Forms Examples (v1) This allowed users to simply set the xtype to 'chart'. Milestone. Hi there, I'm hoping to be able to popup an Ext.Net window and have it load an ExtJS chart inside. Click or hover on the legend items to highlight and remove them from the chart. Separate Linear Transfer function for every channel, Volume Thresholding in accordance with voxels brightness for every channel, Manual or Automatic Adaptive sampling rate of volume data, Three options for Volume Rendering Ray function: accumulation, maximal intensity and isosurface, Combining 3D models and series in the same visualization, Real-time monitoring without flickering or delays, Ability to render data with older machine hardware, maintaining all advantages mentioned above, Full mouse-interaction, touch screen support, custom mouse interactivity extensions, Cursors and Annotations, data colorizing with color palette, and full customizability of components, Data breaking by NaN or other specified breaking value, in selected series types, Numeric, Time, DateTime, Logarithmic, Geographic Coordinate System (GCS) and Custom axis scales, Professional 5-star technical support & Hundreds of chart examples, Automatic software rendering with WARP in systems without graphics hardware and for virtual machines, Can be run in both 32-bit and 64-bit modes. Ext's chart just don't support that. This includes Google Cookies that prove you are not a robot. Panels are great for dividing and organizing content into groups. Using TreePanels you can display nested menus easily. The WPF chart control is robust, mature, also very flexible and highly customizable. Ext.NET is an ASP.NET 5 and Core component framework. Area Chart Sample. I will strongly recommend anyone looking for an advanced chart control to have a look at LightningChart!”. August 2016, “Products developed with LightningChart are highly effective and exceed our customers’ expectations. I've copied the line chart from the ExtJS samples and have put it in an test html document to see it work: Line Chart " />